The Lapidary Lemur

Musings from Brandon Weaver

The Impersonal Interview

It’s been said time and time again, our technical interview process is broken. Lately, it’s become fashionable to attack the interview process, but little seems to be done in regards to it. This is my opinion on the matter.

The Transcendent Turtle

To many, Minecraft was a gateway drug to the world of technology. Redstone was a novel idea that let us experiment with some circuitry, make traps, and in general create more dynamic things. It’s great for the basics, and a lot of fun to work with, but the interesting thing about it is that you’re already starting to program by using it. Why not take it a step further? Computercraft gives you the power to jump into a full programming environment inside Minecraft using Lua.

A Burgeoning Blog

Why do people bother to blog? Very few must have anything truly breathtaking to say, at least not to the caliber of other writers already out there. I get it, it’s intimidating to publish when there’s already so much good content out there already. There’s always a fear of looking the fool, saying the wrong thing, or otherwise just doing a poor job of it. So why should you even bother?