The Lapidary Lemur

Musings from Brandon Weaver

Getting Cozy With the Command Line

To some, the command line is a truly frightening beast. To be fair, when I began, it really was. Who in the world would ever want to sit around in a prompt when there are such beautiful visual editors out there? It seems so counterintuitive that no one should ever want to go that way.

Yet here we are. The great bearded ones hammering away in their prompts, invoking vim wizardry, emacs enigmas, and unix hackery. What makes them so cozy?

The Functional Side of Ruby

Many people come into Ruby from a C-based language background, and are quick to use only what they really feel comfortable with that has a direct parallel in their language of choice. Doing so, you miss out on all types of wonderful features of Ruby, and in this post we’ll cover a few of them.

Automate It

The better programmer is not the one who flies across the keyboard, generating hundreds of lines of code, but the one who has but a few strokes that do the same work in half the effort.

Migrating the Old

As I’m transferring platforms, I’ve imported several old tutorials. You may notice that some of my tutorials are no longer listed and are only availible on the old site. The reasoning is that I intend to update those tutorials and do them more justice.

Design: Mortal Sins

So far we’ve covered quite a lot of ground in both coding and design, but before we get on to real work there are some things that need to be made clear. In Web Design there are certain practices that are absolute taboo, we’re going to cover them and why they’re taboo in the first place.

Design: Composition

Composition is the one element that you absolutely cannot avoid. It will take your layouts from a clump of text and images to a seamless design that flows clearly. Composition is everything, if you ignore it you will have nothing but text and blotches on a screen.

Design: Color Theory

Before you even start to worry about how your site looks you need to know color. How it works, what each one means, what they create when placed in relation, the works.

CSS: Floats and Positioning

Now that we’ve covered a majority of the basics we can finally get to what makes a site layout come together, floats and positioning.

CSS: Box Model

The Box model, an odd term isn’t it? It is used to describe the combination of various elements that control the spacing of elements on your page.